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Golden Ring Treasure Vase
Golden Ring Treasure Vase
Golden Ring Treasure Vase
Golden Ring Treasure Vase
Golden Ring Treasure Vase
Golden Ring Treasure Vase
Golden Ring Treasure Vase

Golden Ring Treasure Vase

Treasure of Abundance

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Our gold ringed vase is perfect as a gift for weddings and other commemorative events.  The vase can be used in all the traditional ways as well.

The power of this vase comes from the creative dynamic force of nature to grow and be fertile and beneficial.  Think of nature's way of balancing and creating so there is abundance and you understand then the power inherent in the vase.  The way nature brings forth it's riches and provides what is needed to an environment is replicated through the contents and consecration of the vases.

It is akin to a healthy immune system.  If the immune system is healthy, it can produce all that is needed to maintain good health as well as fight off any diseases.  Our treasure vases bring in wealth, health, and abundance according to the environment they are placed like a good immune system eradicates the negative and propagates the positive.  

Our vases are brimming over with 137 sacred substances collected over 30 years by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche.

Traditionally, vases were buried in the earth to re-balance the elements that have been decimated by man's harvesting of the earth's riches.  It is believed these imbalances created by man's greed cause disease, bad weather, fires, earthquakes and other unwanted circumstances.  Vases not only re-balance the elements, healing the earth but provide protection against future disasters. 

Vases are referred to in Tibetan Buddhist texts as "wish fulfilling" because they can attract and create the positive circumstances needed according to the location.

We used 24K gold glaze to line our precious vase to give it an extra special touch.

Our vase comes in a beautiful gift box that can be used as a stand as well.

The vase comes gift wrapped with a booklet on the genesis of the project, a large color image of the Health and Wealth Deity, the short health and weatlh practice with mantra, large photo of Dudjom Rinpoche, and color photos of the ingredients and their significance, 

A Tibetan Treasure Vase has the power to purify the environment, increase merit, give protection, and attract abundance.

Vases also are given by a teacher to a special student.

Thanks to the kindness of our teachers, we now make these precious vases available to all.

Vases are traditionally placed on a shrine, buried in the ground or placed in water and also given as gifts for special occasions, new businesses, and to promote healing and increasing the merit of any environment.

Wonderful as a unique wedding or new baby gift, these vases also are appropriate for commemorating any occasion.  

Buried in the ground, they protect, restore, and revitalize the land and attract blessings to the inhabitants. Buried in water, they promote rainfall.  Placed in nature, they also support the health of the animals inhabiting the land.

All vases come with a seal on the bottom (see pix below) to insure authenticity and year it was consecrated.  The red dot or arrow is the front of the vase.

Approximate Dimensions: W 6.5" x H 9.5" x D 6.5", Weight: approx. 8lbs.