Heal, Protect, Restore full Vitality


The statue of Guru Rinpoche with a treasure vase at Pema Osel Ling

Guru Rinpoche foresaw the turbulent times we now live in.  He predicted that diseases and natural disasters would arise and spread all over the globe.  He created a special remedy to heal and protect us from these harmful events- the treasure vase.

Our Buddhist lineage comes directly from Guru Rinpoche and his instructions are meticulously followed by our teachers  in the making of these vases.

The special, sacred ingredients contained within the vase added to the consecration of the vases done at Pema Osel Llng, a Dudjom Buddhist Retreat Center located in the hills of Santa Cruz,  creates an object capable of warding off negativity- whatever form it may come in.  Guru Rinpoche particularly cited disease, warfare, famine, and bad weather.

Please help us share these vases with the world and help heal and provide protection against future pandemics and other disasters.  Your purchase of a vase helps the whole world.

The vases can be buried in the ground or placed in homes to protect and heal the earth and  the home and to increase abundance, good health, and positivity. 

How does it dispel all negativity?  How does it heal? The vases have this power because they rebalance the elements that have been disturbed by man's negative deeds and emtional afflictions like greed and anger.  Once elements are balanced, the natural accord of nature is that of abundance, fertility, strength, all manner of everything positive.  In nature, we find that harmony and balance that cause crops to grow, flowers to bloom, rain to fall, and results of nature in balance has a sense of plenty and positivity.

This is the power of the vases.  

some testimonials:

"The vase created a powerful positive presence in my home.  I noticed it at once.  It's like a air filter but for energy."  Terri P.

"I am an sculptor and have always been very sensitive to the presence of objects.  I stumbled upon your vases by chance and before I knew anything about them, I knew the vases' powerful, dynamic  presence was healing and charging the room with this amazing, potent energy that I felt was all about finding the highest potential state of being.  I saw it.  I felt it.  I had to have one."  Kyle A.

I bought my vase at a very dark time in my life with little expectations.  I notice how my life has progressively improved and I notice with every step forward, there is no slippage back as if the vase is supporting and guiding me towards a brighter future.  I am very grateful for the vase and am saving up for another for my sister."  Jennifer H.

 "The best treasure vases on the market" Kunsang Thundrop

Lama Sonam Rinpoche's Video on the Benefits for the vases for Healing and Protection purposes: