Traditionally, this vase is meant to be buried in the earth or placed in stupas.  It can heal the land and generate prosperity for those who live there.  It also provides protection and purification.  

The purpose of the vase is to balance and purify environmental elements caused by the imbalances man has wrecked onto the earth.  The contents and prayers inside the vases are a recipe to remedy all natural and manmade disasters.  The vases provide protection to that land or environment, inside or out, against all types of unwanted circumstances such as earthquakes, fire, flooding, or any other type of negative occurrence.  The land where the vases are made and consecrated is in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Our retreat center has been through fires and floods.  We have buried many treasure vases here and our inhabitants and buildings seem to escape being destroyed and damaged.  We wish to share this remedy with the world.

The Tibetan Treasure Vase can be given as a unique wedding gift or to commemorate any special occasion.  This sacred healing vessel is a great addition to any home or shrine.

The protection and healing provided by the contents and consecration of the vase is thousands of years old and is a well respected object within Tibetan Budhhism.

All vases come in a collector's box with:

  • a picture of Khandro Norlha ( Health and Wealth Diety)
  • the short practice with mantra
  • a picture of His Holiness Dudjom Yeshe Jigdrel Dorje
  • a list of the contents of the vase and their purpose.
  • a booklet with the short history and significance of the vase
  • a gift box 

The 24K gold vases additionally come with:

  • a custom stand
  • a gift box with a magnetically sealed enclosure
  • a kata offered to our Guru Rinpoche Statue
Stands can also be included on special sales when noted in the description box.
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