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"I felt like a new dimension of positive energy arrived here. I still feel that way. I remain healthy and able to manage what comes my way. And even though these are trying times for all of us mentally and physically too I am going through this time with the capacity to think calmly through obstacles. I love having the vase here and thank you for your efforts in making it and bringing it into the world so we can integrate with the blessings it offers. It has an aura all its own. Unmistakable benevolence." 
Terri Parkin
"I am an sculptor and have always been very sensitive to the presence of objects.  I stumbled upon your vases by chance and before I knew anything about them, I knew the vases' powerful, dynamic  presence was healing and charging the room with this amazing, potent energy that I felt was all about finding the highest potential state of being.  I saw it.  I felt it.  I had to have one."
Kyle A.
"I bought my vase at a very dark time in my life with little expectations.  I notice how my life has progressively improved and I notice with every step forward, there is no slippage back as if the vase is supporting and guiding me towards a brighter future.  I am very grateful for the vase and am saving up for another for my sister."
Jennifer H.
 "The best treasure vases on the market"
Kunsang Thundrop
"The vase created a powerful positive presence in my home.  I noticed it at once.  It's like a air filter but for energy."
T. P.
"All I have to say is, that since this vase arrived, I already got a new job and the whole atmosphere in my house has changed for the better.  Unbelievable, I know." 
Anna Crisitini
"We bought the vase hoping it would help my husband get a raise.  Not only did he get the raise, he also got promoted to the job he has been wanting forever.  The vase is magic!  We just bought another one." 
Lingyu Lee
"We had a fire in our area that damaged our property and thought to bury some vases along the perimeter.  Then some years later, we had another fire that came to the edge of our property and went no further.  The fireman thought it was odd and then we remembered we buried the vases.  We believe the vases had to have had an effect.  Thank you!" 
Darlene and Billy
"I am sincerely grateful. It is wonderful to be able to offer something lasting and tangible to our environment, it is really fine. With a connection to HH Dudjom Rinpoché and Lama Tharchin I have no doubt the benefits will be pervasive!!"
Daniel B.
"It feels very beneficial to have these out in the world. I am putting the abundance wish out there to be able to purchase more and send them out to other practitioners. May it be so! The wrapping of the vase is so beautifully done and honors the sacred energy of the vase in the presentation”
Shan W.
"Everything, down to the sticker on the beautiful paper was in perfect condition. The booklets with interesting information was an enjoyable read. One was offered to a sibling, another I opened to be placed inside a business. At first I placed it inside a cupboard, I felt a sort of peace radiating throughout the building. Later I decided to place it on a high shelf, the peaceful energy now multiplied. Normally whenever I enter this building my mind dampens, becomes cloudy and dark. The vase cleared it."
Keam S.
"It's a wonderful service, both for establishing a spiritual foundation for a new home, and for blessing the land. Thank you for carrying on this tradition!"
Ryan D.