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24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase
24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase
24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase
24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase
24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase
24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase
24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase

24K Gold Glaze Treasure Vase

Treasure of Abundance

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These beautiful golden Treasure Vases shine with  24 Karat gold glaze. 

Our treasure vases are created to heal and protect against pandemics and other negative circumstances.  

This treasure vase is made from a special white clay body found only in Taiwan and created by a family of craftsmen and artists who normally only do museum quality limited production porcelain objects.  We are grateful to have such artisans creating both our gold vase and our gold 8 auspicious vase.  They made us a special collector's box that is also museum quality grade.


Traditionally, vases were buried in the earth to re-balance the elements that have been decimated by man's harvesting the earth of its riches.  It is believed that imbalances cause disease, bad weather, fires, earthquakes and other unwanted circumstances.  Vases not only re-balance the elements thus healing the earth but provide protection against future disease and disasters and bring all manner of benefits to the environment.

All our vases contain the same precious and blessed substances collected by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche.  Lama Tharchin Rinpoche designed our vase according to the description and instructions contained in the Khandro Norlha Terma.  This terma is from Padmasambhava, the saint who brought Buddhism to Tibet.  He foresaw how the earth would become because of the treatment by humans and created the remedy to restore balance and health to the earth.  In addition to the restorative properties of the vase, Padmasambhava also added ingredients to increase prosperity and dispel any future negativity.

The power of this vase comes from the creative dynamic force of nature to grow and be fertile and beneficial.  Think of nature's way of balancing and creating so there is abundance and you understand then the power inherent in the vase.  The way nature brings forth it's riches and provides what is needed to an environment is replicated through the contents and consecration of the vases.

It is akin to a healthy immune system.  If the immune system is healthy, it can produce all that is needed to maintain good health as well as fight off any diseases.  Our treasure vases bring in wealth, health, and abundance according to the environment they are placed like a good immune system eradicates the negative and propagates the positive.  

Vases are referred to in Tibetan Buddhist texts as "wish fulfilling" because they can attract and create the positive circumstances needed according to the location.

Our vases have over 137 ingredients.  Some are from the highest mountains and holiest sites in the world.  Also we have water from all the rivers that have no beginning or end such as the Ganges in India.  Other rare and sacred ingredients were collected over 30 years by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche.  Many of these ingredients were gifts given to him by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Chatrel Sangye Dorje Rinpoche, andmany other sublime beings.  Lama Tharchin Rinpoche also added all the "essences" and jewels necessary to complete the ingredients as spelled out by Guru Rinpoche. Some of the other specified ingredients are: a mantra scroll, yantra of the wealth diety, Khandro Norlha, turquoise and other precious gems, water from a sacred spring in Bhutan, a tourmalated crystal, a long life pill from Chatrel Sangye Dorje Rinpoche.

Our teachers have used an ancient text from the saint that brought Buddhism to Tibet (Padmasambhava),  

We have painstakingly followed all the directions from the Terma (Tibetan for teachings that are hidden so they can be brought forth during a prescribed time) and our Lamas to bring a vase brimming with incredible energy able to bring all manner of positivity in terms of Health, Wealth, and Prosperity.  

Burying the vases in the land or water will not only restore the land but provide protection against the natural disasters that are becoming an increasing problem today.  It will bring rainfall and help with the health of all the animals on the land if buried in land or water.

At home, they can be placed in the four corners of the house as Feng Shui dictates so that the particular energy has the most powerful and uplifting and balancing offering.

We did our four directions sale for the purpose of those wanting to put a treasure vase in the four corners of their house or buried to form a perimeter on their property.  Please see the tiered pricing on the Pure White Vase for a deep discount. 

The vases make excellent wedding and special occasion gifts by bestowing the precious gift of healing, protection, and increased abundance to the receiver.

We seek to share the vases with world to fulfill the wishes of our spiritual teachers.  We know they bless everyone with their powerful, boundless energy while also supporting the Vajrayana Foundation in it's mission to spread the precepts of wisdom and compassion.

We also include:  The short practice of Khandro Norlha 

                              A large picture of Khandro Norlha 

                              A large picture of Dudjom Rinpoche

                              Pictures of the contents and their significance

                              A booklet with a condensed history of the treasure vases

                              A custom made stand for the vase

All this is packed inside a beautiful box with the Vajrayana logo ready to give as a gift.

They are energy centers capable of cleansing, healing, and saturating any environment with abundance, protection, and good fortune.

Our sacred Tibetan Treasure Vase is a unique wedding gift or can serve to commemorate any special occasion.  It is a wonderful addition to any home, business, or shrine room.  The vases are also buried in the earth to heal and bless the land as well as placed in water for the same positive results.

Vase measures approximately W: 6.5" x H: 9.5" x D: 6.5" inches.

We fill and consecrate the vases at Pema Osel Ling, a Buddhist Retreat Center in the mountains of Santa Cruz.  All proceeds go to the Vajrayana Foundation, a Dudjom Buddhist retreat center  committed to the spread of teachings on wisdom and compassion.  We are a 501 c 3 non-profit.