Treasure of Abundance Collection

All our vases contain the same precious and blessed substances collected by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche.  Lama Tharchin Rinpoche designed our vase according to the description and instructions contained in the Khandro Norlha Terma.  This terma is from Padmasambhava, the saind who brought Buddhism to Tibet.  He foresaw how the earth would become because of the treatment by humans and created the remedy to restore balance and health to the earth.  In addition to the restorative properties of the vase, Padmasambhava also added ingredients to increase prosperity and dispel any future negativity.

We have painstakingly followed all the directions from the Terma and our Lamas to bring a vase brimming with incredible energy able to bring all manner of positivity in terms of Health, Wealth, and Prosperity.  

The vases are meant to be a remedy for our times when the earth has been excavated for all its riches thus causing  unwanted circumstances such as fires, floods, and earthquakes.  The vases rebalance the elements and restore peace and harmony to the land or environment where it is placed.  

Burying the vases in the land or water will not only restore the land but provide protection against the natural disasters that are becoming an increasing problem today. 

The vases make excellent wedding and special occasion gifts by bestowing the precious gift of healing, protection, and increased abundance to the receiver.

Please contact us through this website is you would like to purchase multiple vases for burial so we can help the earth heal for the benefit of all.

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