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Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing
Pure White Vase.  Perfect to bury in the earth to rebalance the elements.  The vases heal and protect against disease, famine, and warfare; it protects against all manner of negativity while bringing about good fortune and abundance to the people and environment where it is placed.
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing

Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing

Treasure of Abundance

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Pure White Vase

These perfectly simple vases evoke the direct and clear nature of their intention to benefit all sentient beings. Uncomplicated, they make an easy and elegant addition to any space within a home, and also are easily buried in any natural environment or structure to wish prosperity, purification, and protection. 

These vases are the ideal addition to a property or building to rebalance the environment and protect the area.  The placement of four vases in each direction harnesses the four activities of pacification, enrichment, magnetizing, and wrathful.

Vases are referred to in Tibetan Buddhist texts as "wish fulfilling" because they can attract and create the positive circumstances needed according to the location. The specific instructions that our vases are made from was passed down from Guru Rinpoché specifically to balance and purify environmental elements caused by the imbalances man wrecked onto the earth. The contents and prayers inside the vases are a recipe to remedy all natural and manmade disasters.

Our team is happy to help with any questions about placement and burial locations.

About Tiered Pricing

We now offer tiered pricing on our Pure White vases to make them more available for those looking to spread the vases throughout the land and their communities during turbulent times. As we all feel the increased need to spiritually protect ourselves, our homes, and our environment, the power of the Treasure Vase is more topical than ever before.

For those interested in purchasing larger quantities of vases to bury or share, please reach out to us about pricing.


Approximate Dimensions: W 6.5" x H 9.5" x D 6.5", Weight: approx. 7 lbs.

We fill and consecrate the vases at Pema Osel Ling, a Buddhist Retreat Center in the mountains of Santa Cruz.  All proceeds go to the Vajrayana Foundation.

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