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Pure White Vase.  Perfect to bury in the earth to rebalance the elements.  The vases heal and protect against disease, famine, and warfare; it protects against all manner of negativity while bringing about good fortune and abundance to the people and environment where it is placed.
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing
Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing

Pure White Treasure Vase - tiered pricing

Treasure of Abundance

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During these turbulent times, to make these vase more available to heal the earth and rebalance the environment, we are now offering tiered pricing as a part of our Four Directions Sale.

With the purchase of four vase, each can represent one of the four activities; pacification, enrichment, magnetizing, and wrathful. The many uses of the four vases include burial, Feng Shui balnacing, spreading amongst friends and family, and more.

We suggest burying them around your house to form a perimeter of protection against disease, natural disasters, and any unwanted circumstances.  We suggest taking advantage of the 4 directions sale to secure the perimeter of your house- inside or out.

Placing the vases in different rooms of your house also brings specific qualities of blessing and protection for the entire house.  

Our pure white vase exudes blessings that bring abundance, protection, and purification to any environment.  It dispels disease and all causes of poverty and brings down energies that heal and bring about abundance and good fortune.  

Fortune has an interesting connotation in the Tibetan tradition.  The word is "yang" and it has ties to the words strength, vitality, and fertility. The vases have this unique way of interacting with the environment to bring about these qualities and we encapsulate all the qualities with the word "fortune" which in the Western language can have a more narrow definition. 

The power of this vase comes from the yang" creative dynamic force of nature to grow and be fertile and beneficial.  Think of nature's way of balancing and creating so there is abundance and you understand then the power inherent in the vase.  The way nature brings forth it's riches and provides what is needed to an environment is replicated through the contents and consecration of the vases.

It is akin to a healthy immune system.  If the immune system is healthy, it can produce all that is needed to maintain good health as well as fight off any diseases.  Our treasure vases bring in wealth, health, and abundance according to the environment they are placed like a good immune system eradicates the negative and propagates the positive.  

Vases are referred to in Tibetan Buddhist texts as "wish fulfilling" because they can attract and create the positive circumstances needed according to the location.

 The purpose of the vases is to balance and purify environmental elements caused by the imbalances man has wrecked onto the earth.  The contents and prayers inside the vases are a recipe to remedy all natural and manmade disasters.  The vases provide protection to that land or environment (whether the vase is inside or outside) against all types of unwanted circumstances such as earthquakes, fire, flooding, or any other type of negative occurrence.  The land where the vases are made and consecrated is in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Our retreat center has been through many fires and floods.  We have buried many treasure vases here and our inhabitants and buildings seem to escape being destroyed and damaged.  We wish to share this remedy with the world.

If your purpose is to bury multiple vases, please contact us through this website and we can work on the number of vases and pricing.  We are motivated to have as many vases buried as possible and want to support those interested in healing the earth.

The Tibetan Treasure Vase can be given as a unique wedding gift or to commemorate any special occasion.  This sacred healing vessel is a great addition to any home or shrine.

The power of the vase to heal works in any circumstance or environment.

The protection and healing provided by the contents and consecration of the vase is thousands of years old and is a well respected object within Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  One of the traditional uses of the vases is meant to be buried in the earth or placed in stupas.

It can heal the land and generate prosperity for those who live there.  It also provides protection and purification.  

To see instructions on how to bury the vases, please go to the "About" menu and the scroll to the bottom of the "About the treasure vases" section.

Approximate Vase Dimensions: W 6.5" x H 9.5" x D 6.5", Weight: approx. 7 lbs