Gifting Vases

A Tibetan Treasure Vase is an auspicious and unique gift to to celebrate a loved one and their milestones. The Treasure of Abundance collection of vases offer a range of gifts perfect for each individual in your life. From weddings to new homes to births, gift this blessed connection to the lineage of Treasure Vases.
As a beautiful celebration of the prosperous symbols of buddhism, the Eight Auspicious Symbol Treasure Vase is a wedding gift unlike any other. The exquisite craftsmanship will ornate their home and bless their union with the qualities of abundance, prosperity, health, and longevity. 
Express your joy in a loved one's milestones such as a birthday or a new home with a considerate and interesting gift that makes a beautiful addition to their space. A Treasure Vase is the perfect unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion.
Traditionally gifted at the birth of a child, a Treasure Vase is a thoughtful gift to bless a new life with the rich lineage of the Dudjom tradition and create auspicious circumstances for their life ahead. 
A creative and intentional gift to say thank you or to appreciate someone in your workspace. Treasure Vases have been gifted at the closure of deals, the opening of new businesses, and at the forging of new partners.