International Orders

We try to send all packages within three days of order placement from our location in California, USA. For International shipping, DHL is our choice courier for speed and handling practices. If chosen, your package should arrive within three days of shipment. DHL will send a text or email with a link to pay all incurred duties and will generally deliver straight to your home.
On all international orders, please expect to pay your country's standard VAT/GST and any associated duties. Due to the changing nature of taxes and the fees that can accompany them on a country-by-country basis, we can not guarantee that the below rates will be completely accurate. 
We are currently offering discounted international shipping as a way to help reduce customer costs in light of these added fees.
AUSTRALIA: 10% GST + 0-17.5% Duties
CANADA: 5% GST + 0-20% Duties
TAIWAN: 5% VAT + 0-30& Duties
DENMARK: 25% VAT + 5-14% Duties
FINLAND: 24% VAT + 0-35% Duties
FRANCE: 20% VAT + 5-17% Duties
GERMANY: 19% VAT + 5-17% Duties
IRELAND: 23% VAT + 0-48.5% Duties
ITALY: 22% VAT + 0-17% Duties
JAPAN: 8% VAT + 5% CT
MEXICO: 16% IVA + 0-140% Duties
NETHERLANDS: 21% VAT + 5-20% Duties
NORWAY: 25% VAT + 0-8% Duties
RUSSIA: 18% VAT + 5-20% Duties
SPAIN: 21% VAT + 0-20% Duties
SWEDEN: 25% VAT + 2-14% Duties
SWITZERLAND: 8% VAT + 3.2% Duties
THAILAND: 7% VAT + 0-80% Duties
UNITED KINGDOM: 20% VAT + 0-15% Duties
for more information or unlisted countries, please use this reference source
Please be sure that the address entered at checkout is a secure location the is mail-deliverable. We try and remedy any issues occurring while the vase is in transit but prevention of loss or theft is important to us.
On checkout, if your shipping rates are high, or if you experience any issues with your destination country, contact us! If we have yet to send a vase to your country, there might be a better shipping deal we can find for you!